We're Creative

Our creativity goes beyond thumb-stopping content. It lives through how we run paid media campaigns and mine data to analyse campaigns' performance. Setting up paid is not a rocket science but making sure your campaigns are set up right and optimised from both a targeting and content perspective is a completely different game.

We're Passionate

Social media is the fastest developing medium and without having passion for it, you won't be able to keep up. We love social not only because it's dynamic but also because of its ability to connect brands with people in a way no other medium can. Any campaign we work on is part of that passion.

No Nonsense

Whatever we promise, we deliver. We see our clients as partners and we want to make their campaigns a success. So we will keep you updated on what is working and we will also tell you when campaigns are not performing well and offer alternative solutions.



Whether you are in the B2B or B2C sector we can create a bespoke social media strategy that will help you meet your business objectives.


It's no secret social media is pay to play these days. We have experience running both small and large campaigns ensuring the right audiences are targeted with the right content bringing your costs down. Get ready for some low costs per result and high conversions!


We understand how your customers search. Through continuous testing and assessment we help companies attract people who generate sales, not just clicks on your link.


YouTubers? Instagram stars? Or B2B industry shapers? We take a peronal approach to influencer management ensuring that they are right for your brand (tone of voice, followers demographic etc.) and have the desired impact on your business goals.


Social media is about two-way communication. We will help you nurture and grow your community through a direct engagement with your costumers, making them feel valued and encourage them to be advocates for your brand.


From copywriting to asset creation, we can help you create content that stands out and drives actions.


Happy Clients


Campaigns Run


Projects Done


Cups Coffee

Why Savvy Social?

Savvy Social is a collective of professionals with over 10 years of experience in both B2C and B2B social media marketing. So no interns or trainees will be working on your account making sure you get the quality you are looking for.


We ensure that what we do has an impact on your brand. We are not just talking about growing your community, or making sure you get the right volume of traffic to your website for less. It’s also about impacting the bottom line from getting you the latest industry news, helping you experiment with new social media updates, to giving you enough information to prove the value of social to your internal stakeholders.


To make an impact, we need to be efficient. This starts with learning about your business, your goals, and detailed planing to ensure everything is set-up and reported on the way you want it.


We pride ourselves on complete transparency. You will know how many hours are allocated to each task and the outputs. We will keep you in the loop if we are over or under servicing so you can decide how the extra hours should be used and where you need extra help.

The same goes to informing you how campaigns are performing and advising you on how to improve them.


Innovation is more than just buzzword for us. Social media is evolving and changing on daily basis. We know how hard it is to keep up if you have to juggle many things throughout your day and need more headspace. That’s where we come in. We will help you and your team up to date with what is new, what other brands are doing in the world of social, and how that impacts your social media strategy. After all, social media is about experimenting and having fun too!

Our Process

  1. Discussion

    It all starts with a chat about your business objectives, your overall marketing strategy and needs.

  2. Idea

    Once we know what you want, we will come up with strategy to meet your needs.

  3. Implementation

    If you are happy with our idea, we will jump onto implementations straightaway!

  4. Optimisation

    The secret of success is in a regular assessment - we will keep optimising your campaign to ensure its optimal performance.

  5. Reports

    Whether that's a regular catch-up call or a closing report, you will always know the tangible results of your campaign.

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