The world of social media is always moving forward. No wonder it’s hard to keep up. Don’t worry though; we have got your back. Here’s all you need to know about the new social media updates, with some recommended reading/watching sprinkled on top.


Behold! Facebook’s dislike button is here!
Well…sort of. The ever-so-active Facebook started pushing its reactions, including a new dislike button, in Messenger, out of all places. This new initiative aims at making Messenger more fun and exciting for users and as we know, emojis are always the answer…right? What we hope is that it will give us more data sets to play with in the future. Who knows, maybe it’s the start of the dislike’s button journey to the News Feed as well.

Say hello to Facebook TV
Yep, the future is here. You can now watch Facebook videos on your Apple TV. This is the first step on Facebook’s big venture to conquer the world, or at least your TV experience. Essentially, Facebook’s TV App with its ‘spotlight’ section would feature about half a dozen or so video series for a period of 24 hours. These videos will be ranked based on their popularity in the network and among your friends.
Why, you ask? Good questions. Well, as Facebook’s source said: “The idea is that this would bring a lot of traffic and attention and [as a result] a lot of revenue via ad breaks”. Hopefully, that’s good news for everyone.

No need for a travel guide when you have Facebook
We are quite excited about the future of this new feature called City Guides. It’s quite a neat idea that will (hopefully) inspire you to visit new countries while showing you which friends have visited that place. This could turn into an amazing hub of crowdsourced information from people you know and trust. It’s definitely one to watch.


No more fake news
Last week, Facebook rolled out its solution for the infamous phenomenon of Fake News. This is more or less what it looks like:

In other words, Facebook will rely on people to flag a fake story when they see one while adhering to their code of ethics.
Is it a perfect solution? No, but it’s a start.
Although some countries are not as excited about this as Germany said they will pass on the fake news update.


Let it grow, let it grow
WhatsApp has enjoyed a lot of well-deserved popularity all around the globe but there’s one place that has proven to be exceptionally fertile for this messaging app: India. More than 200,000 people living in this country of spice and tech innovation use WhatsApp on regular basis. But other companies are eyeing the market so WhatsApp’s supremacy might not last long. That’s why we love social – if you stop innovating, you die.


Influencers are less Snappy
After months and months of being the victim of plagiarism, Snapchat is feeling the pain as a lot of its influencers are migrating to other platforms. Essentially, all these creative, young, spirited people are looking where they can make more money and Snapchat doesn’t seem to be the place anymore. If you are a Snapchat lover, don’t despair. The company is not done yet although it’s showing signs of shifting its focus from Snapchat itself to other initiatives such as focusing on photography/gadgets instead.

Hello to our investors
Many were sceptical of Snapchat’s decision to open its IPO, following the obstacles Facebook was putting in the company’s growth by blatantly plagiarising their every feature. But soon after the flood gates were open, NBC did not hesitate and unloaded a hefty investment of $500 million by Snap’s doors. Not a bad start but we wonder where the future of the company is. They definitely have the right ideas (why else would Facebook steal them) but the question is whether they can compete with other apps that have a much more versatile use and an established user base.


YouTube killed the cable star
Yep, Facebook is not the only venturing into the world of television. Say hello to YouTube TV that gives you access to a series of live broadcast and cable channels for just $35. The folks at YouTube believe that young people want a more seamless viewing experience and watch the TV in the same place they watch all their other content. They might be right. Let’s see who wins the TV race, shall we?

And that’s a wrap! See you all next week!


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